Parish Newsletter

The St Mary & St Peter Newsletter is both a service by the Church for the people of the two villages and a means of conveying the Christian message. 1,060 copies are printed ten times a year and taken to every home in Langham and Boxted by a band of faithful distributors. It is welcomed by readers and advertisers alike. The advertising charges meet the cost of production.

The Newsletter is published every month from February to July and September to December, the July and December issues also covering August and January respectively. To read the current issue download the PDF file at the bottom of the page.

News items intended for the Newsletter need to be received by the editor, Tim Clarke, by the date and time shown on the current issue (usually the second Sunday of the preceding month) by email to:

or telephone: 07792060597

Advertisers wanting to place an advertisement or change an existing one should contact
(by hand or post)
Claire Arculus
Tel: 01206 271264

The Boxted & Langham Directory is published in June of every year by St Mary’s and St Peter’s Churches in collaboration with the Boxted and Langham Parish Councils. Distributed free of charge on the same scale as the Newsletter, it contains useful information about the churches, parish councils, police and local amenities and organizations. It is a help to everyone, especially newcomers to the two villages.

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